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Sustainable Design: Planters

OPUS Recycling Bins

OPUS 33-Gallon Front-Load Trash Bin with aluminum push-flap, Jatoba wood, Zephyr bands, hidden casters. Dimension: 23"x23"x43-3/8" H

OPUS Recycling Bins are rugged large-volume, front load bins engineered for high-traffic public spaces.  American craftsmen hand build each custom OPUS Recycling Bin from an almost unlimited choice of side panels. Ideal for up-scale resorts, theme parks, malls, streetscapes, food courts, hospitals, office and government building and commercial spaces.


OPUS Recycling Bins are high quality, high-touch, customer fixture supporting the investment you have made in your Brand or property.


DeepStream engineers the OPUS Recycling Bin with replaceable parts, available at manufacturers cost through our unique Core Replacement Program, and backs them with a Lifetime Structural Warranty to ensue your investment in OPUS Recycling Bins always look their best and deliver the lowest cost of ownership over time.


Opus Recycling Bins are available in 21-gallon or 33-gallon sizes in single and double, dual-stream configurations. OPUS bins can be used for recycling or rubbish, or both, depending on selected "use" badging. OPUS bin liners are removed from the top.  Also available with an ergonomic side door for easy liner removal as the Oahu Bin.

DeepStream Designs OPUS wooden outdoor Recycling Bin at a sidewalk cafe restaurant

OPUS 33-Gallon Front-Load Recycling Bin with aluminum push-flap, Jatoba wood, Zephyr bands, hidden casters.

Dimension: 23"x23"x42-1/2" H

  • 33-gallon OPUS Recycling Bins are 23" square x 42.5" H
  • 33-gallon Double OPUS recycling/Trash Bins are 42.75" L x 23" W x 42.5" H
  • 21-gallon OPUS Recycling Bins are 16.75" Square by 42.5" H
  • 21-gallon Double OPUS Recycling Bins are 30.5" L x 16.75"W x 42.5" H
  • Matching Lunch Tray Carts Available.  Smoker's Outpost can be mounted.
  •  Passivated 316 16 GA stainless steel lid lifts to give access to rigid liners made from 100% post-industrial recycled LLDPE (included).
  • 5086 Aluminum push flap on Delrin bushings resists abuse and can be easily refinished.
  • Replaceable stainless steel "use" badges affix to the flap to customize your bins.
  • DeepStream's unique trademark marine anodized aluminum extrusions and modular design allow parts to be easily and economically replaced.
  • Quick change panels may include directional signage, advertising or be etched with logos.
  • Side panels can be made from no maintenance recycled plastic lumber, tropical hardwoods, designer resins, marble, slate, stainless steel and other metals, signboard or photographic panels. Panels may be etched with logos or directional signage.
  • No maintenance 100% recycled HDPE plastic lumber side panels require no maintenance, save the rain forest, and are warranted by the manufacturer against splintering, cracking and fading for 50 years.
  • 100% of the components are recyclable.
DeepStream Designs OPUS wooden Recycling Bin
DeepStream Designs OPus wooden Recycling Bin lid open

OPUS 33-Gallon Recycling Bin or Trash Receptacle with aluminum push-flap, Jatoba wood, Zephyr bands, hidden casters.

Dimension: 23"x23"x43-3/8" H

For further assistance, volume pricing, and information call DeepStream: (305) 857-0466

DeepStream Designs Opus wooden Recycling Bin with Smokers' Outpost at a sidewalk cafe

OPUS 33-Gallon Front-Load Trash Bin with aluminum push-flap, Jatoba wood, Zephyr bands, Smokers' Outpost.

Dimension: 23" x 23" x 42-1/2" H

DeepStream Designs OPUS 33 double stream wooden Recycling Bin
DeepStream Designs OPUS 21 modern combination Recycling Bin and Trash Bin

OPUS 33 gallon recycling bins can be ordered in a double configuration for even higher volume or with one side for Trash.  Can also be ordered as an Oahu Bin which has ergonomic side doors to remove the bins.


Dimensions: 42.75" L x 23" x 42.5" H

Double OPUS 21-Gallon Front-Load Recycling Bin with aluminum push-flaps. "Aged Teak" Recycled Plastic Lumber with Zephyr banding.


Dimensions: 30.5" L x 16.75"W x 42.5" H

No-maintenance 100% HDPE Recycled Plastic Lumber

Tropical Hardwood Samples

Marine Aluminum push flap can be easily refinished, replaceable Delrin bushings.

Heavy Stainless Steel fittings resists abuse.

DeepStream Designs reycling bin push flap and hinge
DeepStream Designs Recycling Bin 3Form panel
DeepStream Designs proprietary leg
DeepStream Designs  tropical hardwood wood samples
5 stock colors of Recycled Plastic Lumber: Ipe Brown, Tropical Hardwood, Aged Hardwood, Concrete Grey, Weathered Teak

Marine-anodized aluminum corner leg extrusions accept captured panels

Composite panel lay up, captured in marine anodized aluminum channel, saves cost and makes changing "Graphic Skins" easy

DeepStream's trademark marine anodized aluminum extrusion design allows any 1/2" panel to be used to build bins.


Expensive panels, like 3Form resins or real copper, can be purchased in economical "thin" version and have inexpensive backing added to keep cost down.


Materials over 1/2" can be shaped along the edges to fit.

DeepStream Designs Recycling Bin panel

For further assistance, volume pricing, and information call DeepStream: (305) 857-0466

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Core Replacement Program

DeepStream Designs will, in case of damage or an unacceptable degradation in finish, replace any metal component, plastic caps, plastic feet, lid retaining straps, bungee cord, and most other components of our products at manufacturer’s cost, plus shipping, for any planter box we make.  All components of our products are recyclable, so under this program, major components, such as aluminum legs and stainless steel lids must be returned to DeepStream for recycling.  Please call Sheila at 305-857-0466 to make arrangements for replacement parts.


The aluminum extrusions, stainless steel lids, and fasteners used in planters that DeepStream manufactures are guaranteed for the life of the structure against defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship.  Our multi-section planter frames are guaranteed for life against structural defects.


The panels made from rigid materials or fabrics are the customer’s selection and retain the manufacturer’s warranty for those materials, which will vary by manufacturer. We will be happy to provide warranty information for products and components that we do not manufacture.


Aluminum extrusions and stainless steel fasteners have been used in the yachting industry for decades.  The etched marine anodized finish of the aluminum extrusions is a durable finish, created especially for coastal environments (Alumilite 215/A41 with surface preparation C22).  The 3/4" tropical hardwoods we select have been used in exterior applications such as docks, decks and boat construction for centuries. These woods have decades of life expectancy, although they can be affected by mold, mildew, dry rot and drying.


The primary failure for wooden planters is the joining of wood components to each other.  Wood has been used for centuries to split stone because of its tendency to expand when wet.  DeepStream has designed its products with heavy aluminum extrusions to join these components in such a way that allows the wood to expand and contract naturally to withstand the test of time.  We assemble these products using a proprietary bedding compound in the wood for screw holes to prevent rot, and proprietary dielectric paste for stainless steel fasteners to aluminum extrusions to avoid galvanic action that can cause them to seize over time.


Environmental conditions and maintenance, or lack thereof, will affect the life expectancy of the finish of our products, and as such, no warranty is given on the finish, but we do offer the Core Replacement Program to assist in keeping our planters, recyclers and structures looking fresh.