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Sustainable Design: Planters

Hanging Garden Planter Box

Hanging Garden Planter Boxes are a tried and true solution to add landscaping to your projects.  With a lightweight fiberglass box, pre-engineered brackets, and easy-to-use mounting template, Tournesol has thought through a complete commercial-quality hanging planter system so you won’t have to!  Industry leading 3-year warranty.

DeepStream Designs is a high-volume authorized distributor for Tournesol Siteworks' Hanging Garden Planters specified by Landscape Architects, Contractors, and Builders for more than 35 years.


Wilshire Boxes are used to contain plants on green facade projects (in combination with Tournesol’s VertiGreen® 3D trellis or any other plant support), on parking structures, and on spandrel and parapet walls. Hanging planters on the perimeter of a roof garden eliminates the need to build up the structural capacity of a flat roof, channeling the weight down the load-bearing wall.


Wilshire Boxes are available in 3 different size ranges, in FRP fiberglass lengths from 2’ to 10’ long. The simple styling works with most building types, and highlights the plants rather than the planter. The hanging brackets are powder coated with stainless mounting studs. The brackets tuck into the back of the box, so the planter can snug up next to the wall. It's a system used in hundreds of installations nationwide, and one of the most commonly found systems on parking structures today.

DeepStream Designs distributes hanging Planter Boxes manufactured by Tournesol Siteworks

DeepStream Large Hanging Box Planters on a commercial parking garage: click for info

Large Hanging Planter Boxes

DeepStream can supply your needs in a cost effective manner drawing from Tournesol's 13 distinct designs collections.

As a manufacturer supplying major installations nation wide, DeepStream understands your commercial needs and will not be undersold, despite our dedicated service.

DeepStream Designs Hanging Planter Box on a commercial garage: click for info
Drawing of hanging garden box attachment bracket

Large Hanging Planter Boxes softens parking garages nationwide

Hanging Planter Box Mounts

For further assistance and information call Sheila at DeepStream at (305) 857-0466

DeepStream Large wall mounted Planter Boxes: click for info

Large wall mounted Planter Boxes

DeepStream Large wall mounted Planter Boxes: click for info

DeepStream Large wall mounted Planter Boxes

 3-layer Drain Packs with TREMdrain and Biobarrier complete your planter

DeepStream Designs plastic planter liner drain pad: click for info

If your planters will not be dug up and replanted every year then we strongly recommend adding Drain Filter Packs for each drain.


A three-part filter combines the waffled plastic backing of TREMdrain, three layers of filter fabric, and Biobarrier buttons to inhibit root growth.


They may not stop aggressive root systems like Bamboo and Clusia.


Filter packs, when used in conjunction with clean 1-2 mm inorganic drainage material to slow the flow of the water to the drain, could prevent clogged drains for a decade or more.

For further assistance and information call Sheila at DeepStream at (305) 857-0466